Just Another Post About Graduation

Tomorrow marks the end of my first official week as an alumnus of THE Ohio State University, and if I’m being honest, I think it’s finally starting to become real.

To me, it seemed as though while we were growing up we were always asked the question “how does it feel to be (insert new milestone here)?” Most of the time I’ve answered “it feels the same” or whatever quirky answer I could come up with. However, this time around its different. It’s not just turning one year older or passing another class. It’s being done with my degree and finishing college. Guys, I freaking GRADUATED on Sunday!

Tears fill my eyes to know that one of the biggest chapters of my life has come to a close. No longer can I get away with putting “student” as my occupation to get free versions of software or special discounts on memberships. No longer will I devote all of my brain power to cramming sixteen weeks worth of information onto one 8.5″X11″ exam sheet with such small handwriting you need a microscope to read it. No longer will I be consumed with appeasing my professors just so I can get that “hard-earned” passing grade in a class everyone claims is impossible.

Now I can call myself by my real title: Michelle Nicole Endsley, Radio-Frequency Satellite Communications Electrical Engineer, Space Intelligence Department, Harris Corporation.