A Soul Seeking Passion

Lately I’ve been beginning to question what I’m meant to actually do with my life. I know I’m an engineer and that’s what I got my degree in, but is it really my passion? Is it something I’m willing to devote my entire life to for the cause?

The word passion is originally derived from a historical Latin phrase meaning to suffer. Today this world has equated the word with something we find great excitement and self-pleasure in; however, in context the noun was actually used to describe the surmountable sufferings of Christ between the night of the Last Supper and when He died on the cross. Even Miriam-Webster agrees!

This transforms what we see as something ultimately self-proclaimed, to that one thing in our lives we love so monumentally we are willing to suffer for it; the cost to ourselves has suddenly become irrelevant to us.

One thing that keeps me up at night is the desire to communicate God’s love, beauty, and intentions for our lives through writing. When I was younger I battled with self-doubt, identity issues, and the temptation to make my life solely about pleasing others. Therefore, seemingly simple concepts such as how God viewed me often led to a struggle of which I didn’t know how to escape!

Now mind you, pleasing others and serving others are two different things entirely; pleasing others puts the pressure and responsibility on you to do whatever you can to bring someone happiness all. the. time.

Friends, let me be honest. This is seriously impossible! Serving others, on the other hand, shifts your gaze from your imperfect actions to the One who gives you the vision and strength to meet the needs around you. It’s no longer about you; it’s about showing Christ’s love through you. Transferring my outlook from myself to the cross has allowed me to grow past those things that once bogged me down and gave me the motivation and inspiration to write!

As I have learned through years of confusion and pain, I may be broken and frustrating to others because often times I feel as though I can never seem to do anything “right”; however, that doesn’t mean God can’t use me! It actually means God loves to have me be a part of His plan!

So when I catch myself becoming discouraged and start chasing after someone else’s life because it seems “so awesome” to me, I say to myself STOP! Stop pursuing other people’s dreams. God specifically designed one for YOU, and only YOU can do and achieve it!

So how is this possible? We have to consciously make the decision to pause and reflect. Only then can God breathe faith into us, and only then can we move!

We are unable to move without God; He moves us! We cannot move without God’s Spirit moving in and through us to accomplish His purposes. We are not left as orphans to figure all this out. His is with us.

~ Jennie Allen, Restless Study

So friends, breathe deeply this week. Don’t feel like you’re flattened if you don’t yet know your passion! Allow the Holy Spirit to speak, and you will know it! It may not be today, tomorrow, or next week. It may not even be next month or next year! But know this: He who promised is faithful. He WILL speak. We just have to be willing to listen.