Peace in Worldly Pressure

After reflecting on the events that unfolded in my life this year, one resounding word has been flashing in front of my eyes like a neon sign: peace.

I think one of the toughest things I have to battle on a daily basis is this idea of finding my security in material possessions. I try to hide it from friends and family but let me tell you, it’s a struggle constantly!

I know that this is because we live in a world that tells us the more we get, the happier we’ll be, but man that’s left me feeling super empty lately!

The craziest part is, the more I talk to people about this, the more I realize how common yet difficult it is for us to push against this pressure. So, that got me wondering, is there a way out of this pattern? Is there anything practical we can do to strip ourselves from this funk and free us to feel the peace God gives us?

I did a little research and found two super awesome points to begin at this holiday season. Check them out below and comment at the bottom of this post to let me know what you think!

1) Replace Spending Time Immersed in Material Things with Time in the Word.

I’ll admit, this is a super tough place to begin! I am crazy, unbelievably bad at spending time in the Word on a consistent basis. However, the more I thought about it, the more I observed that every time I either started or ended my day immersed in the Word of God, the better my outlook on life was, the happier my week was, and the stronger my faith became.

So, as 2019 quickly approaches us, pray about making the decision to devote the New Year to spending more time reading the Bible! I know I’ll be trying the best I can, and if you need ideas, check out She Reads Truth for some awesome Bible study plans here!

2) Begin Spending More Time in a Community Filled with Loving, Christian People.

I’ll let you in on a little secret to my success when it comes to obtaining peace in the midst of life’s most insane moments: community. When I was alienated from others that shared my beliefs and wanted to invest in me, I constantly felt discouraged, depressed, and was filled with anxiety. I was searching for a source of peace I couldn’t find anywhere else, and when I finally delved deep into women who genuinely cared about me, I was met with such an overwhelming sense of love it was incredible!

This encouraged me to become more vulnerable and share my struggles, which in turn gave my heart more room for peace! So these next couple weeks, if you notice yourself feeling lonely, it might be a sign that you need more people in your life to support you. Start by reaching out to someone you either used to hang out with, or someone who’s been on your mind most recently! You never know, something incredible could come out of it!

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