2 Ways to Be Content in Our Season

A few months ago I had the privilege of connecting with a woman named Tyla Howard. For those of you who don’t know her, she is the founder of She the Roar, an organization of “lionhearted women who love fiercely and champion God’s purpose”.

Pretty much from the moment I met her, I knew she had a huge calling from God to share His love with the world. Her organization has reached tens of thousands of people and multiple countries across the world!

The reason why I bring her up is each month she releases what she likes to call a “bundle of roar” through her email campaign. Inside normally includes things like a monthly calendar, lock screens, devotionals, and other goodies!

Last month I was given the incredible opportunity to write a devotional for Tyla and She the Roar that was released last week for the New Year. As part of her email, members were able to sign up for the release of another devotional called “How to be Content in Your Season“.

Friends, let me be frank with you: this devotional is amazing. It drastically changed the way I think about my life, how God is constantly blessing and providing for me, and how much I tend to lean towards how much I regret decisions in my life instead of focusing on how grateful I should be.

Because of how much this has impacted me, I thought I would share a few things I learned from this study on how I am working to be more content in the season I’m currently in! I decided to write them in question form because I often times feel the Holy Spirit work through me when I’m trying to answer tough questions. Feel free to comment on this post with anything that stuck out to you or what helps you snap back to reality and recognize just how good of a God we serve.

1) Are you grateful for a God who protects you regardless of when you feel it?

Lately I have been wrestling with the fact that God protects me and watches over me even when I don’t feel like that’s what He’s actually doing. When our lives start to fall apart and terrible things are happening all around us, I feel like that’s when we begin to doubt the most.

I remember a time in college when my life was at a breaking point. I had been wrongfully accused of academic misconduct but the university refused to press forward with a hearing and ended up dragging the process out six months longer than their policy allowed. I was currently interning at an engineering firm and I was terrified they were going to find out and fire me, even though I didn’t do it.

One of the first questions I asked God was why is this happening to me?  Did I do something to deserve this?  What did I do wrong?

As my season of confusion, hurt, and abandonment continued, I noticed the Lord slowly speaking to my heart and helping me realize that just because I’m going through something hard, doesn’t mean He isn’t right there with me walking me through it.

One of the things I continually forget that I always need reminded of is this: our punishment was taken by Jesus for us on the cross, so we don’t need to suffer through it. We are being refined and made more like Jesus because He suffered to save.

So next time you’re going through a tough spot, remember that God is protecting you, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Thank God for His presence regardless of how you feel, if you’re connecting with Him, or if He seems distant. Hearts grow strongest when our gratefulness focuses on Christ, not on ourselves.

2) How often do you think I can’t wait until that’s me?

Oh goodness, the topic of comparison. Friends, we all know that every. single. one of us. fights against comparison. But what do we do about it? Is there any way to overcome this?

One thing I have found incredibly helpful is by paying more attention to what truths and lies I am speaking to myself. Whenever I catch myself thinking ugh, I can’t wait until I have more money. Then I can tithe more like so-and-so, or be able to travel like my favorite blogger I follow on social media, etc., I literally shake my head back and forth and scream to my brain no, that’s not the mindset you should be listening to! You are exactly where you need to be, and you can do what God is asking of you with what you have right now!

Another thing to remember is this is not going to be easy. God gives you grace, so you need to be comfortable with giving grace to yourself. God doesn’t expect perfection out of you because He knows you can never achieve it. So why are you trying to live up to it?

Even though God calls us to dream and to trust Him for the craziest ideas we can think up, we need to understand that we shouldn’t be dreaming just because someone else has something awesome. We need to distinguish our desiring wants from our desires from God.

This week, start praying about your true desires, not just what you want because of what others have. Pay attention to your surroundings and the desires of your friends and family. Do they want certain things because it’s popular right now, or that’s what everyone else wants? Is it what is being taught in the church because of the culture in the church, or is what God is actually teaching? Also pray about being grateful in your season no matter what. You might be dragging through the muck, but trust God in this: He will never leave you there. He didn’t leave Christ in the grave, and He certainly won’t leave you where you’re at.