What Helps Light Your Path?

I heard an analogy the other day about Psalms 119:105 that really made me rethink the meaning of the verse.

When you get home tonight, turn off all the lights in your hallway. Take a flashlight or your phone and point it downwards at your feet. If the beam is direct and the hallway is dark enough, you’ll notice that the only thing you can see is about one step in front of you. When you move forward into that space, the next step becomes illuminated. As you put one foot in front of the other, you are led down the hallway until you hit a door, stairs, or whatever lays at the end.

Stop and think for a second. What were you doing between each pace? You paused! You couldn’t see what was in front of you except that one next step, so you took it. You paused again, and then moved forward again. These pauses are often referred to as “chapters” in our lives. Whether they be good or bad, they are ultimately something we are made to move to, through, and past.

Joe and I are in one of those “chapters” or “seasons” where we can only see one tiny illuminated space in front of us. We know what’s at the end of the hallway, and we can’t wait to get there, but we aren’t sure how long the hallway is, how it twists, turns, and curves, and we aren’t sure if the next step after may be a hole in the floor, a tripping hazard, a staircase, or something else. All we know is we are being guided, not the ones doing the guiding.

Friends, throughout the past couple weeks I have had numerous friends and family ask me what to do in a certain circumstance or challenge. They worry about what choice to make, what path to take, and where everything leads.

I understand that we all struggle with going down that rabbit hole when we are faced with a big decision and worry if we are doing it right, but what is God really calling us to do? Have you ever thought why Psalms 119:105 is phrased the way it is?

I believe God is trying to tell us that He intentionally darkens our paths so He can teach us to trust Him. If we could see exactly how to get to where we wanted to be, we would full out sprint to our destination! We would forget about paying attention to the length, challenges, lessons, and faith we need to get there. We would barrel down the hallway with tunnel vision!

Slowly but surely, God has been teaching me that every single chapter in our marriage was placed intentionally for not only our benefit, but for those we impact every day. God doesn’t just throw us through the ringer to test our faith. He is taking the time to make sure we are molded so we can be used as flashlights for others’ hallways!

So next time you’re not sure what to do, paste Psalms 119:105 on your wall, in your planner, or on your visor in your car. Take 30 seconds every day to read and pray through God’s intentions for where you’re at right now. You’re not meant to be where you are or who you are forever. There is a path you’re meant to take and there are things you’re meant to do while you’re on it.