3 Essential Oil Blends to Diffuse This Fall

Fall is right around the corner, and that means breaking out all the Bath & Body Works candles!

HOLD UP! Just kidding!

I’ll be honest, I still find myself quite addicted to those tantalizing scents, but when I found out that they had carcinogens in them, I just about freaked out!

This is one of the many reasons why I love using essential oils, but what about the amazing holiday scents we’re missing out on? Are there any alternatives?

The quick and happy answer is YES! After doing a bunch of research and asking around both my upline and crossline, I found some awesome diffuser blends that are sure to make the nose happy and fill your home with delicious smells the whole family will love!

If you like this type of content, you can see everything all in one place over in my new spot on the blog called Fern & Sage Essentials!

Enjoy, and happy oiling!

Not only is peppermint fantastic for allergies, Young Living’s “Stress Away” and “Peace & Calming” oil blends are great for relaxing and helping melt all that stress and anxiety away!
My husband was absolutely OBSESSED with this blend when I was diffusing it when he got home from work a few weeks back! He loved how much it smelled like the forest and pine trees. Lemon is also wonderful for seasonal allergies and if you’re feeling under the weather, so filling your home with this great blend can help everyone to feel a little better!
OH-EM-GEE friends. This blend is absolutely incredible! It smells just like fall and makes just about everyone happy! Also, fun fact, juniper is fantastic for cleaning your body and is great for treating acne! Graphic credit to Shore Essentials 🙂

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