I’m Pregnant and Thankful for COVID-19. Here’s Why.

With a king and some land and a little bit of power, they seem to forget their utter dependence on the Creator…

The Seventy Year Exile by Jen Rose Yokel in She Reads Truth’s study “His Love Endures”

One day, we are all living our lives and cruising through life with barely a worry in the world. We go out to eat like it’s no one’s business, we purchase toilet paper one pack at a time, and we slowly begin to slide down the slippery slope of complacency.

Turn the page of the weekend, and this week is a completely different story. People are panicking because the grocery stores are out of stock of essential items like bread, bath tissue, and even diapers. A disease runs rampant and sends the nation into turmoil with the blink of an eye.

Sound familiar? It’s our reality. With a little bit of sunshine, cash flow from our jobs, and full linen closets, we quickly start to lose sight of what we’re really doing. Where are all our resources coming from? Who is truly providing them?

What were to happen if all of a sudden it were to disappear? We end up in the place we are right this very second.

My form of panic came last night when my husband and I were enjoying our last sit-down meal for what could be months or even longer. The full weight of current events bulldozed our emotional state of mind and left us completely speechless. One of the first things that came out of my mouth after the tears started flowing was babe, what if we can’t get the essentials we need for when the baby comes?

That’s when everything came grinding to a halt. Joe’s heart is completely attached to our little daughter; he will do literally anything to make sure she is well provided for. When I brought up the truth that we may not be able to find things as simple as diapers and wipes, I couldn’t tell you the look of shock that spread across his face. Everything was hitting home now.

Just that morning, we had gotten up extra early to wait in line to get into Sam’s Club with our friend. The location we went to was not only out of toilet paper, but its shelves were bare from cereal, paper towels, tissues, and even some non-perishable goods. As I turned the corner, the aisle that held baby items was also practically abandoned.

Fast forward to last night, and that scene was stamped on my brain with permanent ink, a feeling of sheer terror bubbling up inside me that I couldn’t control.

What if we couldn’t provide for our own daughter because of this pandemic? What could we do?

The questions began to flood my mind and as we grabbed a cart at our local grocery store not even thirty minutes later. Row after row of shelving was picked over, cleaned out, and empty. We split up, hoping to cover more ground and started grabbing anything we could get our hands on that didn’t have an expiration date shorter than a month. Before long, our cart was overflowing and we deemed ourselves “those crazy apocalypse people” with a chuckle and a shrug.

We ended up being able to find a couple packs of diapers and formula which we were more than thrilled to happen upon. After about an hour of scouring each and every section, we began the slow trek through the lines to the cash registers.

As we sat there, we had the time to reflect on how we had just reacted to something completely out of our control. Did we ever stop to thank God for His power in the midst of the panic? Did we pause to remember that He is Lord over every disease, illness, and pandemic? Did we choose to take a deep breath and pray for guidance, deliverance, and provision?

The short answer is no. We were so wrapped up in trying to take things into our own hands, we completely forgot our Creator and who He really is.

We had gotten so used to the comforts of what this world had to offer, we started to lose sight of who was doing the providing; our dependence was replaced with shrugging it off and continuing to live comfortably.

It’s been about 24 hours, and now that I look back, I’m honestly a little thankful for this whole Coronavirus thing. Without it, we wouldn’t have started to notice our grip on God loosening and our reach sliding towards our own selfish desires and control of everything. We would’ve slowly forgotten that God is the one who gives us what we need, no matter what day or time or circumstance.

I’m pregnant in the midst of an epidemic. The CDC has no idea how COVID-19 could affect me or my baby; it could be nothing but a cold, or it could be something as deadly as the plague.

And today, in the midst of the panic, I am choosing to be thankful. Sometimes without pain, we can’t understand what healing feels like.

There’ll be another in the fire
Standing next to me
There’ll be another in the waters
Holding back the seas
And should I ever need reminding
How good You’ve been to me
I’ll count the joy come every battle
‘Cause I know that’s where You’ll be

Another in the Fire by UNITED