Hi there readers!

As part of our mission, we at Mochas & Miracles believe that God created us human beings to be in community with one another, to share in our heartbreaks, hurts, and triumphs, and to do so in a loving and open environment.

One of our favorite places to hang out, create content, and simply pray is at our local coffee shops around Columbus, Ohio. Our founder, Michelle Johnson, lives about a fifteen minute drive from a small, cozy shop in Clintonville so much of her inspiration flows from within those walls!

If you really think about it, much of today’s conversation between friends happens in places like these. The miracles of friendship, compassion, love, and enjoyment are often times discovered in these places, and we thought it best to be able to shed some light on the beauty of God’s Word in these moments.

We find beauty in the simple and quiet, so you also might notice that a lot of our content revolves around being outside and exploring our surroundings. If you have any suggestions on new places for us to visit next, check out our Contact Us page and fill out the form!

So, kick back, relax, and enjoy some truth-filled pages thoughtfully and prayerfully written by our authors. Enjoy!

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