How to Finally Stop Feeling Like You Need to Prove Yourself

Sometimes all I want to do is cuddle in bed and read a good book. Who’s with me?

Lately I have been in this strange mood that has left me uneasy and constantly wanting more. Have any of you ever encountered this before?

I think the reason why I’ve been feeling so anxious is because I continually catch myself trying to find my worth in my job and other things like friendships, my marriage, and even my family. Continue reading “How to Finally Stop Feeling Like You Need to Prove Yourself”

What People Never Tell You {About Serving Christ After College}

I used to think I had to give up everything in order to gain God’s approval.

Years ago I was attending a campus church and towards the end of every school year a bunch of students would announce after graduation they were joining the ministry team full time.  They believed they were called by the Lord to serve Him and set aside the degree they worked hard for because they knew “it would be much more rewarding to serve Him than to work in any other setting”. They were met with roars of applause, infinite hugs, and smiles shining so brightly they glowed like angels.

I remember dreaming about living life on mission and thought “man, that must be the life! I would do anything to give all my time to God and serve Him fully instead of worrying about a job. That must be the best thing ever.” Continue reading “What People Never Tell You {About Serving Christ After College}”

What People Never Tell You {Marriage Edition}

Recently it has occurred to me that one of my favorite writing themes is illustrating advice through past struggles, so today I thought I’d start a mini-series with the thing I’ve been learning the most recently: {what people never tell you} when it comes to marriage.

People don’t tell us things all the time because they think it’s “more beneficial to learn them on our own”.  While I do agree with this, there is an inkling in my soul that wants to push back, especially when it comes to holy matrimony.

Now don’t get me wrong, these past three months have been full of amazing, sacrificial, whole-hearted love. I would even go as far as admitting that I’ve never felt the presence of God’s heart in my life more than when Joe and I said “I do”. However, there are a few secrets I wish my friends and family would’ve let me in on before stepping into this idea of oneness. Check out my top three pieces of advice for anyone in a relationship or recently engaged below! Continue reading “What People Never Tell You {Marriage Edition}”