The Mission & WHY

You, my friend, are here for a reason.

I created Mochas & Miracles because I believe that God created us human beings to be in community with one another. To share in our heartbreaks, hurts, and triumphs is not only brave, but a necessity to surviving our time here on Earth, and I believe the key is to do so in a loving and open environment.

My mission is to share the love and truth of the Gospel via social media outlets. I strive to encourage women of all ages that they are loved and cherished, and that pursuing Christ in everyday actions can actually be achievable!

I find beauty in the simple and quiet, but also in deep, meaningful exchanges. Much of today’s conversations between friends happen in cozy places surrounded by coffee, and my inspiration stems from the miracles occurring there! I strive to have M&M be a resource and to influence to women of all kinds throughout their spiritual journeys.

The content you will read is carefully prayed over, edited, and Gospel-driven. I don’t write unless God says to, so you can be confident that our words are inspired by what He is teaching us each and every day. So kick back, relax, and enjoy some truth-filled posts! Enjoy!

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