What People Never Tell You {About Serving Christ After College}

I used to think I had to give up everything in order to gain God’s approval.

Years ago I was attending a campus church and towards the end of every school year a bunch of students would announce after graduation they were joining the ministry team full time.  They believed they were called by the Lord to serve Him and set aside the degree they worked hard for because they knew “it would be much more rewarding to serve Him than to work in any other setting”. They were met with roars of applause, infinite hugs, and smiles shining so brightly they glowed like angels.

I remember dreaming about living life on mission and thought “man, that must be the life! I would do anything to give all my time to God and serve Him fully instead of worrying about a job. That must be the best thing ever.” Continue reading “What People Never Tell You {About Serving Christ After College}”

What People Never Tell You {Marriage Edition}

Recently it has occurred to me that one of my favorite writing themes is illustrating advice through past struggles, so today I thought I’d start a mini-series with the thing I’ve been learning the most recently: {what people never tell you} when it comes to marriage.

People don’t tell us things all the time because they think it’s “more beneficial to learn them on our own”.  While I do agree with this, there is an inkling in my soul that wants to push back, especially when it comes to holy matrimony.

Now don’t get me wrong, these past three months have been full of amazing, sacrificial, whole-hearted love. I would even go as far as admitting that I’ve never felt the presence of God’s heart in my life more than when Joe and I said “I do”. However, there are a few secrets I wish my friends and family would’ve let me in on before stepping into this idea of oneness. Check out my top three pieces of advice for anyone in a relationship or recently engaged below! Continue reading “What People Never Tell You {Marriage Edition}”

When You’re Feeling Alone, Cry About It

Have you ever woken up one morning dreading the events about to unfold? Like you can practically predict the downward swings of the day and even when they might happen and with whom?

Friends, this is literally me “to-a-t” today. It’s been two months since my husband and I got married, and I’m already in an emotional and motivational slump. Hence the chill time with our pupper Mack on a beautiful day in our garage.

One theme continually crossing my mind as of late is this idea that no matter how sucky or awful my day might be, it’s always important to spend time in the Word. If I’m being completely vulnerable, I’ve been absolutely terrible at it pretty much since the day of the wedding.

This isn’t the only area I’ve been struggling in either:  going to work has all of a sudden seemed like a chore, getting out of bed has become more and more difficult (it doesn’t help that we just bought new sheets and they feel like heaven), and the once simple task of being present during conversations has left me feeling empty, alone, and full of guilt and shame.

But seriously, who’s with me on the fact that so many of us deal with these same things every single day?

I think one of the most important lessons I’ve learned in this season of life is the fact that I am never alone in my struggles, even when they lie to me and tell me I’m an outcast. Continue reading “When You’re Feeling Alone, Cry About It”

Being Thankful for the Closed Doors

Lately I have been feeling a lot like Sarah in the Bible: impatient and desperate for God’s promises.

These past three months in Columbus have been some of the most joy-and-blessing-filled moments of my entire life; nonetheless they have also been overflowing with fits of confusion, heartache, and temptation to take things into my own hands.

After I moved home, my mind quickly assumed I would achieve the ideal lifestyle: my job would fulfill my heart’s desire of happiness in the workplace, I would finally have the husband I’d been dreaming about for years and our marriage would be everything I’d hoped it would be, we’d be close to friends and family and be able to spend loads of time with everyone, and we’d have plenty of things to do to keep us busy.

Let me let you in on a little secret: just about none of that happened. Continue reading “Being Thankful for the Closed Doors”

Why Your Biggest Heartbreak Could Bring About Your Greatest Blessing

When I see something beautiful God’s doing but then it disappears and I’m wondering where the heck it went.

There are times in life when nothing seems to be going the way you planned. Trust me, I can attest to it!

Last night I was playing soccer with my team when all of a sudden, I blocked a shot with my left ankle and something didn’t feel right. Despite not feeling 100%, I played on. I refused to accept that anything was wrong and the next morning, that’s when it hit me. My ankle was bruised, swollen, and I could barely walk down the steps to take my pup out to go potty.

Now, here I am, stuck at urgent care awaiting the results of an X-ray, hoping and praying that nothing is broken.  I had to take a half-day of sick leave from work, which, of course, I wasn’t planning on taking today, and that threw me into a mood.

Don’t we all have moments like these, where we are just minding our own business and then an obstacles smacks us in the face and we’re left wondering where in the heck it came from?

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m pretty sure Leah was feeling exactly the same way.

Continue reading “Why Your Biggest Heartbreak Could Bring About Your Greatest Blessing”